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Edama Solar Energy

Your success starts with the right partner; we are a single source for a complete solution. Contact us for free consultation, we will be very happy to help you choose the very right system to your needs, a system that will last and perform exactly as promised.

All components used in our installations are of the highest standards in the world backed with true warrantee and expert’s knowledge.


We harvest the sun with quality tools


As complete solutions provider, Edama Solar Energy Co. specializes in providing high efficiency solar solutions that cater to residential, commercial and utility customers. We install state of the art systems that last; our complete Solar Solution consists of Austrian made Fronius Inverters, German made aleo solar panels in addition to Chinese made ReneSola panels We use durable aluminum racking system  and accessories by Grasol,  we also use highly-ranked German made cables . Edama Solar prides itself on offering only premium quality and reliable performance within a competitive cost structure supported with after sale service; we only use products that meet or exceed internationally recognized standards. We offer peace of mind for many years to come. We only build systems that we can service. Photovoltaic installation needs to be safe, reliable, shade free and efficient. Only then it is possible to maximize their profitability, their operating sustainability...more >>

Edama Solar Energy Co. is dedicated to improving the lives of the Jordanian people by applying huge savings to their energy bills. With a focus on only certified high quality products ....

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Ra’ed Rabadi

 Founder of Edama Solar Energy Co.

Recent studies have found that 10-20% of installed PV projects have been implemented with serious design/installation complication issues which resulted to a significant decrease in performance.

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Abdulrahman Nojoum

 Technical Director 


Edama Solar Energy

Letter from

the founder

Letter from

the Technical Director




Fronius International GmbH is an Austrian company with its main headquarters in Pettenbach and other sites in Wels, Thalheim, Steinhaus and Sattledt. Founded in 1945; Fronius has been developing new and innovative energy solutions for over 60 years.


With 3,723 employees worldwide, the company is active in the fields of photovoltaics, welding and battery charging technology. Around 90% of its products are exported through 24 international Fronius subsidiaries and sales partners in over 60 countries. With its innovative products, services and 838 granted patents, Fronius is the global innovation leader.


Fronius has been involved in photovoltaics since 1992 and continuously sets new standards worldwide with revolutionary products and new technologies, ensuring that all the energy in the future will come from renewable energy sources.


Everything Solar Energy Division does is based on the motto “24 Hours of Sun”; the Fronius vision for the energy revolution. Day after day we are hard at work turning this vision of a future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources into a reality. We are therefore concentrating on solutions to intelligently, efficiently and economically generate, store, distribute and consume solar energy.


All devices are characterized by the very highest levels of quality, as they undergo numerous in-depth tests under state-of-the-art-conditions. Exceptional products and services are what make the Fronius Solar Energy Division the quality leader in the global market and a model of sustainability.


The Solar Energy Division handles the sale of grid-connected inverters and energy storage solutions for three defined target groups: Residential, Commercial and Utility.


Proudly made in Germany, aleo has been manufacturing solar panels in its native Germany since 2001. Performance and reliability are our main priorities. we’ve been working to promote solar at a global scale, while maintaining the values of our client community.

aleo provides a reliable solar experience, premium solar modules combined with reliable support enable customers to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, without the hassle.  The company is a market leader in the manufacturing of high-efficiency PERC solar modules. In 2014, aleo became the wholly owned subsidiary of Sino-American Silicon Products, a leading Taïwanese semiconductor devices supplier, founded in 1981, which spearheaded the development of the PERC technology with its CELCO solar cells.


Canadian Solar

Operational highlights:

  • In 2018, Canadian Solar delivered 6.6 GW of solar modules worldwide. As of the end of the second quarter of 2019, the company had shipped over 36 GW modules cumulatively, which can generate around 45,321,600 MWh of clean electricity per year, enough to meet the needs of approximately 10 million homes.

  • In the latest bankability survey conducted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Canadian Solar was ranked as the No.1 most bankable module manufacturer by respondents based on product quality, reliability and trustable corporate reputation. PV-Tech also gave Canadian Solar an AA bankability rating, showing that the Company has managed to successfully pursue a dual manufacturing/downstream business.

  • Canadian Solar's technology team set a world record of 22.80% conversion efficiency for p-type large area multi-crystalline silicon solar cell, and it was tested and certified by Germany's Institute für Solarenergieforschung GmbH (ISFH) in September 2019.

Environmental highlights:

  • Water usage per kW production was reduced by 42.8% from 0.593 m3 in 2017 to 0.339 m3 in 2018.

  • Electricity usage per kW production was reduced by 14.5% from 7.22 kWh in 2017 to 6.17 kWh in 2018.

  • CO2 emissions for every kW module production was reduced by 19% from 393 kg in 2017 to 318 kg in 2018.

Social highlights:

  • In 2018, the Company employed more than 13,000 people worldwide and created 561 new jobs. It also provided 43,266 training programs to employees during the year.

  • Canadian Solar continued to contribute to local communities, such as in Lungi, Sierra Leone and Bauru, Brazil, where the Company helped to build solar power systems for medical centers, kindergartens and elderly people's homes. The Company believes the participation and direct contribution to the society is the best expression of business success.





Sweifieh - Fountain Plaza

Base Floor - Building #68

P.O.Box 961160 Amman Jordan​

+962 79  6444 094


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday - Thursday

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