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​As an authorized Fronius Service Partner, our technicians are trained to perform service for Fronius transformers. In the event of a service incident, this ensures minimal system downtime – even in remote areas. In addition, we are able to proactively monitor our customers' PV system.


Fronius Proactive Services includes integrated system monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting capabilities. Designed for on-site service, the Fronius SnapINverter kit comes with built-in Fronius monitoring solutions, which provide a comprehensive overview of the PV system's health, provide appropriate levels of diagnostics and can alert via email or text if faults occur. As Fronius' service partner, Edama is able to provide proactive service, making sure the system achieves maximum uptime and optimal performance and has the flexibility to upgrade to battery storage in the future.

  • Edama Solar Energy Co. is Fronius Service Partner plus (FSP+).

  • Edama Solar Energy Co. is the only inverter hub service in Jordan.

  • Edama Solar Energy Co. have certified and trained engineers and technicians that can repair defected components.

  • No down time and costly repairs.

  • Fronius Inverters are equipped with advanced integrated webserver and can be monitored from any PC or smart device. All our PV systems are monitored 24-7.

  • Fronius offers the best warranties in the solar inverter business ranging from 5 to 20 years. It’s worry free.

After sales

If one of your solar panels should ever malfunction, get in touch with us. We’ll have it back to full power in no time.

Photovoltaic installation needs to be safe, reliable, shade free and efficient, only then it is possible to maximize their profitability, their operating sustainability, environmental benefits, and the energy they generate. PV system components need to be chosen in such a way that they ensure a solar cell or module functions perfectly and deliver optimized performance. In that sense, designing and sizing a PV system is extremely important and we take pride to deliver proper installation and sizing using high safety standards and accuracy under the supervision of safety engineers. 

The proof lays in the details, we do not just imagine the bright future, we put it together and make it work.

Your success starts with the right partner; we are a single source for a complete solution. Contact us for free consultation, we will be very happy to help you choose the very right system to your needs.


and Support

Our diverse group of dynamic individuals have extensive experience in Renewable Energy, our commitment to the industry is not to make Edama Solar Energy just another PV company, our goal is to deliver proper installation using high safety standards and accuracy under the supervision of safety engineers, we only built systems that we can service. ​

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