Edama Solar Energy

Technology in a leading hand Fronius converts energy and is recognized as a technology leader in our USA divisions. In the field of welding technology, Fronius is a competent partner to the international automotive industry and other metalworking industries where high quality is a major concern.

Solar technology. Proudly made in Germany. aleo has been manufacturing solar panels in its native Germany since 2001. Performance and reliability are our main priorities. Since our inception, we’ve been working to promote solar at a global scale, while maintaining the values of our client community.

In 2018, Canadian Solar delivered 6.6 GW of solar modules worldwide. As of the end of the second quarter of 2019, the company had shipped over 36 GW modules cumulatively, which can generate around 45,321,600 MWh of clean electricity per year, enough to meet the needs of approximately 10 million homes.