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Letter from

the Technical Director

Letter from

the founder

Edama Solar Energy Co. is dedicated to improving the lives of the Jordanian people by applying huge savings to their energy bills. With a focus on only certified high quality products and services, we identify and invest in projects that make the most significant improvement to people’s lives in the short and long term.

Inspired by professional and personal mentors and a long-held desire to invest my business skills in photovoltaic industry, I established Edama Solar Energy Co. Foundation in 2013. The goal was to help the communities with their high energy bills by investing on the renewable green side as the current laws and legislation in Jordan are very encouraging for the renewable energy investment and the rewards are considerably huge.

​As we continue to grow, our success depends on exceptional people driven to achieve measurable results, our quality state of the art PV equipment’s and services that we work with are laying a solid foundation for our growth, the proof lays in the details, we do not just imagine the bright future,  we put it together and make it work. We always believed that success starts with the right partner.

​Edama Solar prides itself on offering only premium quality and reliable performance within a competitive cost structure supported with after sale service; we only use products that meet or exceed internationally recognized standards, we offer peace of mind for many years to come. We only build systems that we can service and that’s why we are partner plus with European companies such as "Fronius” Austrian made inverter and "aleo" German made panels.

Our promise to our clients is that we will never put them down, assuring them that only premium products are used in our installations and the smallest details are a big concern to us.


We thank all our partners locally and overseas, advisers, and staff for their dedication in making Edama Solar Energy Co. a leading trustworthy company

Ra’ed Rabadi

 Founder of Edama Solar Energy Co.

Recent studies have found that 10-20% of installed PV projects have been implemented with serious design/installation complication issues which resulted to a significant decrease in performance.

The technical team at Edama ensures that PV power systems installed are properly specified, designed and properly sized so that they operate to their design potentials. The clear and concise communication with the client is essential to assured success of the PV system in terms of system output and components’ life span and efficiency.

Top quality products and professional string sizing with the satisfactory of NEC standards and local codes are carefully applied, in addition to keeping the PV array clean and well-maintained which will increase the power generation of the PV system as desired, in that regard we are proactive, we keep all our PV installations monitored 24/7, thanks to the built in WLAN/LAN integrated to our state of the art Fronius inverters.

Our O&M team at Edama Solar Energy Co. are certified, and well trained at Fronius training center in Austria to keep up with the latest details and technology.

Abdulrahman Nojoum

 Technical Director